Left-handed people are distinct in their working ability and style. They are more comfortable working with left-sided appliances. For example, they use left-sided burners more frequently than right-sided ones. Also, left-handed persons typically stack clean dishes and dish drainers on the left side of the sink while stacking soiled dishes on the right.

Though the majority of kitchens and kitchen appliances are designed for right-handed people, there who are left-handed can take the chance to re-design their kitchen according to their comfort. 

To help you with your new kitchen world, we are reviewing some left-handed kitchen faucets. I hope this write-up will be helpful for you in choosing the perfect left-handed faucet for your kitchen. 

We will explore the best left-handed kitchen faucets to help you find the perfect one for your needs. We will look at each option’s features, design, and cost to ensure you get the best value for your money. We will also discuss how to install and maintain your faucet so that it lasts for years. With the right information, you can make an informed decision and find the best left-handed kitchen faucet for your home. 

How We Tested the Best Lefty Kitchen Faucets? 

To determine the best lefty kitchen faucets, we analyzed multiple products from online marketplaces and observed customer reviews to identify those that met customer satisfaction. We also researched and participated in forums where left-handed individuals discussed their experiences and frustrations with traditional kitchen faucets.

In our testing process, we evaluated each faucet based on several critical factors, including design, functionality, and performance. We also considered the ease of installation, durability, and overall value for the price. We paid close attention to the handle placement, ensuring that it was on the left side and comfortable and easy to use for left-handed individuals.

We also evaluated the overall design and aesthetic of the faucets and the materials used in construction to ensure that they were durable and long-lasting. We also tested each faucet’s water flow and pressure to ensure they provided optimal and comfortable use. After conducting thorough testing and analysis, we narrowed the selection to the top-performing lefty kitchen faucets that met our customer satisfaction and quality criteria.

Best Left-Handed Kitchen Faucet

If you are a lefty, you may need help finding your perfect kitchen faucet. Finding a comfortable and ergonomic solution is even more challenging for leftists. Fortunately, there are a variety of left-handed kitchen faucets to choose from that offer comfortable, ergonomic, and efficient use.

If it is a single-hole kitchen faucet, you can install the handle on the left after installing the hot and cold water pipes normally. If it is a two-handle kitchen faucet, you can install the cold water pipe in reverse after installing the hot and cold water pipes normally. Turn the hot water pipe around to get used to the left-handed habit.

Though I am not a left-handed user, for the research, I have taken help from one of my left-handed friends, who has been a great help in the market in choosing some best ones from the thousand of faucets.

Best Overall


Great Reviews

WEWE Sus304 kitchen faucet

Best Budget

VFAUOSIT Lefty Kitchen Faucet

1. VFAUOSIT Kitchen Faucet Stainless Steel with Pull Down Sprayer

This faucet is from the brand VFAUOSIT. It has a beautiful design that fits into any kitchen.


With its specific 14.2″ height, this faucet has a brushed nickel finish that will fit under more than 99% of kitchen cabinets. The 360-degree rotating spout on the utility sink faucet allows you to access the entire sink.

You will get premium quality stainless steel, which has undergone a seven-layer finishing process and is durable and rust-free. The sus304 stainless steel kitchen faucet is strong and long-lasting and comes with a high-quality sprayer head. 

This kitchen faucet is safer compared to the majority of kitchen faucets on the market since it is specifically constructed so that cold water comes out while pulling forward. This kitchen faucet’s pull-down sprayer makes it easy to do various culinary duties by offering a non-splash aerated stream, a strong spray, or a pause.

It is simple to install, but for the handle to extend backward, there must be 2.5″ between the backsplash and the cabinet. It is designed to fit on the right side, which is ideal for kids because the cold water pulls forward. However, if you like, you can turn it slightly or move it to the other side if there needs more room.

The sus304 stainless steel kitchen faucet has a premium spray head and is strong and long-lasting. Superior quality guarantees its longevity of more than ten years. Moreover, the company has a reputation for offering excellent customer service.

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon

A customer who purchased a VFAUOSIT kitchen faucet said she loved her new faucet. It was so nice; even her contractor said he’d never seen one like it. She added that it matches perfectly with her newly remodeled kitchen.


  • Fits all kitchen sinks 
  • Non-splashing aerated stream
  • Three function water
  • Very budget friendly
  • ‎1.8 Gallons Per Minute
  • ‎Left/Right/Center handle location


  • Pull-down nozzle is plastic

2. KOHLER 647-VS SIMPLICE Kitchen Faucet

KOHLER is one of the reputed brands when it comes to kitchen faucets. This kitchen faucet is one of KOHLER’s premier SIMPLICE model lines.


This kitchen faucet with a pull-down sprayer enables one-handed water control and extends beyond the sink to perform additional kitchen activities.

Three spray head functions are available in the faucet. The ring function is excellent for routine cleaning. Boost enables a 30% increase in flow rate. With the help of its angled nozzles, Sweep Spray can effectively clean your dishes and sink.

The use of sweep technology helps to clean a large area with a lot of force. The spray head is safely docked into position using the DockNetic magnetic docking technology. It also has other handy designs with a pull-down sprayer and gooseneck design.

Pre-installed spray head and hose provide adaptable supply lines for simple water hookups. 1 or 3-hole installation with an integrated escutcheon or deck plate.

Ceramic disc valves feature corrosion-resistant and tarnish-resistant coatings that exceed industry performance and lifetime standards.

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon

He said the measurements of the faucet were accurate. He was very impressed with the features. In addition, he said it was a nice gooseneck design that was not too large. The faucet was suitable for a kitchen sink with a small counter.


  • Pull Down Spray
  • Power Supply Unit
  • Deck Plate
  • One Sensor
  • Retractable


  • The voice control is crazy sometimes

3. KOHLER 10433-CP Forte Control Pull-Down Kitchen Sink Faucet

The Forté faucet’s fluid design lines make it a flexible addition to your kitchen’s decor. A high-arch pullout spout makes it easy to wash large items, and a single lever handle makes it simple to switch on the water and adjust the temperature. The supplied escutcheon covers the faucet’s base for a finished, elegant appearance. You all know Kohler is one of the top kitchen faucet brands in the United States. 


This KOHLER faucet enables one-handed water control and extends beyond the sink so you may do other kitchen activities.

It has both a stream and a spray; the stream’s functionality enables daily use, while the stronger spray is used for cleaning. Its One-piece, self-contained ceramic disc valve allows both volume and temperature control.

The hose and spray head is already attached; flexible supply lines are included for a quick water hookup, and escutcheon/deck plates are available for one or 3-hole installations. All components required for installations using a single hole or three holes are included with the faucet.

Ceramic disc valves provide performance built to last your kitchen’s lifetime and surpass industry standards for longevity. Premium tarnish and corrosion-resistant coatings ensure a long life. Available with a swing spout reach of 10 to 1/8 inches (257 millimeters).

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon

He said it’s easy to install if you have space under your kitchen sink. Because he had a large garbage disposal and a deep Kohler sink, removing the old and installing the new proved difficult. As a result, he said he got it done with some patience, and it works and looks great.


  • Scratch Resistant
  • ADA Compliant
  • 360 Degree spout swivel
  • 2-function spray head
  • Long-lasting finish
  • Flow rate 2.2 gallons/minute
  • Versatile Sprayhead for Multiple Uses


  • Dirt and fingerprints appear on chrome finishes

4. VFauosit Commercial Stainless Steel Kitchen Faucets

This single commercial handle high arc kitchen faucet has a pull-down sprayer and is a single-level stainless steel kitchen sink faucet. The smooth-retract nylon sprayer hose with an extended 20″ range allows you to reach all regions of your sink easily, and its 15.2-inch height fits underneath practically any kitchen cabinet. It is ideal for thorough and excellent cleaning.


The ideal fit under practically any kitchen cabinet is a black kitchen sink faucet with a 14.2-inch height. The pull-down black kitchen faucet has a basic, elegant appearance that works well with any kitchen decor and saves you time when choosing. 

Your black kitchen faucet gives you the option of an aerated stream for splash-free cleaning and filling, a strong sprayer for rinsing or pausing, and it may accommodate different uses. In addition, your sink faucet with a sprayer can remember the setting you previously used, allowing you to select the water outlet you like. 

Black kitchen faucets that include a pull-down sprayer and a lengthy pull-out hose can clean even deep corners. The ergonomic high arc kitchen faucet matte black design provides more comfortable use.

Deck Mounted/1 or 3-hole installation. Very easy to install.

The sus304 stainless steel kitchen faucet has been for a very long time because it is composed of lead-free, environmentally friendly stainless steel and has a seven-layer finishing process. You can purchase it to appreciate its dependable durability!

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon

He said he had just remodeled the kitchen and needed a new sink faucet. According to him, this one has a sleek, modern design and looks lovely installed.


  • Swivel Spout
  • Mix hot and cold water
  • Scratch and stain Resistant
  • Rust Resistant
  • Overall Height: 15.2 ”


  • Manual operations only

5. WEWE Sus304 Kitchen Faucets with Pull-Down Sprayer 

Most kitchen cabinets can accommodate a commercial pull-down style with a high-arc open coil spout. The sprayer on the WEWE pull-down kitchen faucet can be rotated 360 degrees, providing versatility and a larger water area. The dual-function spray head alternates between a forceful spray to rinse dishes and remove tough food residue and an aerated stream for filling pitchers and pots. You will enjoy using the WEWE brand faucets in your kitchen if you purchase them.


Your industrial-style black kitchen faucet has an open spout and a small 15.7″ height that fits beneath most cabinets. The package includes a 10-inch deck plate. Pull-down kitchen faucets with rubber sprayer holes provide a powerful, splash-free spray and a pleasant, aerated stream. 

The switch for the kitchen sink can be set up in any direction you desire due to the 360-degree sprayer. 

There are kitchen faucets with one hole or three holes available. Lead is not a concern with the SUS304 stainless steel kitchen faucet. You may get clean, fresh water from the black kitchen sink faucet, which features inner hoses made of food-grade PEX. The black single-handle kitchen faucet has a shorter handle, making installation possible with less backsplash clearance. Having a kitchen faucet with a high arc makes cleaning easier.

A black kitchen sink faucet with an attractive crossbar design gives you more space for linens or other small kitchen items. It’s more than just a kitchen sink faucet.

This installation is really simple and just needs a few tools. Additionally, it must be simple to uninstall when the time comes. The product is very heavy and sturdy.

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon

He said his bronze kitchen sink faucet and his chrome kitchen sink filter faucet were both very old. In their place, he replaced them both with these two. He also bought a second sink faucet for his laundry room sink. In his opinion, the matching faucets on the large and small kitchen sinks add a lot of value.


  • Spot-Resist Finish 
  • High-quality Ceramic Valve 
  • 360-degree swivel sprayer 
  • Dual functional Sprayer Modes 


  • No cover for a three-hole sink

Buying Guide for left-handed kitchen faucet

Obviously, if you have decided to renovate your kitchen according to your workability, you have to visit the market before bagging one. Here I am giving tips you should check before hauling for a faucet shop.

Look for a smooth, comfortable handle

When choosing a left-handed kitchen faucet, the handle is one of the most important considerations. Look for a smooth and comfortable handle, making it much easier to adjust the water pressure and temperature. Look for a handle with a nonslip grip, as this will make it easier to control when your hands are wet. Additionally, a handle with an adjustable stop will ensure that you don’t accidentally turn the water too hot or too cold.

Check for compatibility with your sink

When looking for a left-handed kitchen faucet, it is important to ensure it is compatible with your sink. Most faucets are designed specifically for certain sinks, so it is important to check the compatibility before purchasing. Additionally, it is important to ensure that the faucet’s design and function will fit with the style of your kitchen and sink. To ensure that you get the perfect kitchen faucet, measure the size of your sink and double-check the product specifications on the product page.

Consider the height of the spout

When picking out a left-handed kitchen faucet for your home, it is important to consider the height of the spout. If the spout is higher, it may be easier to fill larger pots and pans. Too high a spout can make it difficult to reach the water for cleaning. The ideal spout height is usually between 8-15 inches. To ensure water is directed where you need it, you should also ensure that the spout has a high enough arc.

Look for a pull-down sprayer

A pull-down sprayer is one of the best features when shopping for a left-handed kitchen faucet. This is especially useful for left-handed individuals as it allows them to access the faucet from either side of the sink easily. Having a pull-down sprayer also makes cleaning your kitchen sink faster and easier. A pull-down sprayer can be attached to the faucet or mounted on the wall. Be sure to look for one that is easy to use and provides a powerful spray.

Ensure 360 survival of kitchen faucet for left-handers

The 360 Survival Kitchen Faucet is an innovative product that simplifies life for left-handed people in the kitchen. Featuring a 360° rotating handle, this product is easily accessible and usable by left-handed users. Additionally, the swivel spout is designed to move between the left and right-hand sides of the sink. This allows for fast, effortless access to the water and makes it easier for left-handers to reach the faucet. This well-crafted and durable design add convenience and durability to any kitchen.

Look for touchless technology options

Consider the latest touchless technology options when looking for the best left-handed kitchen faucet for your home. This faucet allows you to control the water with a simple wave. Touchless faucets are convenient and hygienic, as you don’t need to worry about constantly touching the faucet handle to turn it on and off. Plus, they are often more energy efficient, as they only run when you need them and automatically turn off after a certain time.


Material is an important consideration when choosing a faucet. It ensures the product’s durability and safety of your drinking water. Kitchen faucets are most frequently made of plastic, brass, stainless steel, zinc alloy, etc. Brass is reasonably inexpensive, quite durable, and available in various hues and finishes. Although some models offer stainless steel instead of brass, these are usually inferior.

Height of the spout 

The height of the spout is another thing to consider, as most kitchen faucet arrangements have a height between 5 and 9 inches and a reach between 8 and 12 inches. So by measuring the height of your sink space, you should buy the perfect one.

Handle position

a left-handed person’s main concern will only want their faucet handle on their left side. If, however, you are forced to choose another option due to the shortage of such handle designs or the positioning of the current kitchen sink faucet, make sure the replacement one at least has the handle situated in the center. 

For lefties, touch faucets, double-handle faucets, and separate-handle faucets can be useful. You’ll definitely want more control in your left hand when you’re a pure lefty. In this case, you’ll need to pick a single-handle faucet that combines ease of use with the ability to control the temperature. So you should also look for if you are comfortable with a single-handle faucet or a double.

Valve Material

Valves are typically made of ceramic, plastic, or rubber. Ceramics is incredibly durable, offering a longer lifespan than rubber or plastic. Additionally, it can tolerate high temperatures and pressures more successfully than others, providing better leakage protection. 

Benefits of Left-Handed Kitchen Faucet 

Left-handed kitchen faucets are designed for left-handed individuals or those who prefer to have the handle on the left side of the faucet. Here are five reasons why a left-handed kitchen faucet may be necessary:

Increased convenience

For left-handed individuals, having the handle on the left side of the faucet allows for more natural and comfortable use.

Better ergonomics

A left-handed faucet can reduce strain and discomfort on the dominant hand by positioning the handle in a more natural location.

Better accessibility

Left-handed kitchen faucets are ideal for people with mobility issues or disabilities, as they allow them to control the water flow easily.

Better safety

Left-handed kitchen faucets may also benefit people who find that the traditional right-handed faucet design is too close to the stove or other hot surfaces.

Aesthetically pleasing

Left-handed kitchen faucets are available in various styles and finish to match the design of your kitchen. So it can make a cohesive look to your kitchen.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the probable solution for a left-handed kitchen faucet? 

You can mount it directly to the countertop if it has a separate handle for the second hole. Mounting it on the left side is possible, though the plumbing might have to be moved around. For single-handle faucets, you can usually turn them around to install them. Ensure you can switch the faucet by playing around with it before purchasing it.

Can the kitchen faucet handle be on the left side?

The faucet handle operates by rotating 90 degrees – hot water when straight up and cold water when parallel to the deck surface. However, when installing on the left side, leaving adequate space behind the faucet is important as you must move the handle backward to access cold water

Should the kitchen faucet handle be on the left or right?

Left-handed individuals may find it easier to use the handle on the left side, while right-handed individuals may find it more natural to use the handle on the right side. Additionally, the type of sink may influence the decision. For example, a single-handle faucet is easier to use with the handle on the right side of a double sink. Other factors include the following:

  • The kitchen layout.
  • The ease of access to the faucet.
  • The placement of the dishwasher.

Ultimately, the decision should be based on the individual’s personal preference and the space and layout of the kitchen.

How does temperature control work in single-handle faucets? 

In single-handled faucets where manufacturers provide such a safety measure, a plastic disk is often included to prevent the knob from spinning too far in the hot direction. There are also some control regulators inside the faucet for cold water. On the cooler side, some faucets also contain a temperature limiter.

Do left faucets always have hot water? 

It is typically standard in most countries, including the united states, for the hot water line to be connected to the left faucet. 

What is rotate handle in the kitchen faucet?

Rotate handle kitchen faucets are a modern and convenient style of faucet. Rather than using a traditional handle, these faucets feature a single handle that rotates in either direction to control the water temperature. The water is turned on by rotating the handle clockwise, and the temperature is controlled by rotating the handle further clockwise or counterclockwise. 

Final Words

With so many options available, you can find the perfect left-handed kitchen faucet that fits your needs and budget. The total number of left-handers is 10% -15% of the population. But most kitchen faucets are designed for right-handed users. That is why we (Kitchen Liker) provide a solution for the left-handers to select their desired kitchen faucet.