When choosing the right type of faucet to use in the bathroom or kitchen area, you must focus on installing the best one to fasten your operations. However, some people fall for one device and work with it without knowing how it works, its features, pros, and cons. Remember fixing the wrong type of faucet in the kitchen or bathroom spoils the areas in terms of color and style.

Therefore, choosing the type of faucet to use makes your kitchen look attractive so that even the guests will love the area, and their performance is top-notch. Two types of faucets are: the widespread and centerset faucets. The two types are so complicated that many confuse which is the best. Check on their key differences and benefits to know which one to use.

The guide below shows the widespread vs centerset faucet types with their features, pros, and cons. Moreover, their fundamental differences will help you single out the best. Lastly are the frequently asked questions and conclusion. 

What is a Widespread Faucet?

A widespread faucet is a faucet with 8 inches of three different pieces fixed at a distance of 8 inches apart in the sink. The tap is best for use with more expansive sinks creating a good space for your kitchen or bathroom. The installation process of the faucet is normal, just like the other types of faucets, except that there are three pieces you will be installing. The faucet works by separating hot and cold water handles. Choose the tap with a modern kitchen design since it makes the kitchen area look more attractive to your guests and even you.

What is a Centerset Faucet?

Centerset faucets are the type of faucets that can work on sinks with holes that range from one to three. The type of faucet works on a deck plate with both the handle and spout on one surface so that they can work on sinks with four-hole centers. You can call it a 4-inch faucet that works best in the bathroom. Choose the faucet if you have a small kitchen or bathroom area since it is small and will fit in easily.

Widespread vs Centerset Faucet the Quick comparison

Widespread faucet Centerset faucet
Bigger occupying a more prominent space Smaller occupying less space
It is hard to install hence needs a professional and takes less time Easy to install and takes less time.
Easy to clean Hard to clean
It comes with a more than 2 holes It comes in a single hole
  • Size

The size of the two types of faucets is different such that the centerset tap is slight in size hence occupying less space in the kitchen or the bathroom that is best for use if you have a smaller space. On the other side, widespread faucets are more significant, occupying a larger space in the bathroom or kitchen.

  • Installation

The installation process for a widespread faucet is more complicated than for a centerset since a widespread faucet has more pieces that need a professional to help you fix. In contrast, a centerset has one piece you can improve on your own.

  • Cleaning

Cleaning a widespread faucet is simple and easy since it has a remarkable open space that allows you to reach all the faucet areas and clean. In contrast, the centerset has one piece that is hard to clean since you cannot get the inner parts that dirty particles have accumulated.

  • Number of pieces

Widespread faucets have three pieces installed 8 to 16 inches apart, while centerset taps only have one piece.

Widespread Kitchen Faucet

    Widespread faucet



    The widespread faucet has different types: modern, farmhouse, Victorian, and other varieties. The varieties help you choose one that fits your kitchen or bathroom area.

    8_inches apart

    The faucet is also called an 8-inch faucet since it allows you to adjust the tap set in the sink according to your desires.

    Three-piece faucet

    The faucet comes in three pieces that you will fix at a distance of 8 to 16 inches apart, making it suitable for larger kitchen or bathroom areas.


    • Using the faucet allows you to adjust the kitchen settings such that handles are not connected to the faucet for you to fix on your own, depending on your needs and desires.
    • The faucet has different styles and designs to choose the best type for your kitchen and bathroom.
    • The cleaning process and maintenance are easy as it has ample space to reach the inner areas when cleaning.


    • They are hard to install, and you need a technician to help you fix them.
    • They consume a lot of space in the kitchen and bathroom, so you need a bigger room to work with them.
      Centerset kitchen Faucet

        Centerset faucet


        Compact design

        The faucet has a compact design that makes it more compatible with different kitchen or bathroom sinks. The design creates a centerset faucet that saves more space in a room.

        One-piece unit

        The faucet has one piece with it that has three holes connecting it to the sink when installed.


        The faucets are vandal-proof, which prevents the issue of vandalism.


        • The centerset has a compact design that can easily fit any bathroom and kitchen, making it attractive.
        • The centerset faucet installation process is simple and easy since they only have one piece to fix on the sink.
        • It is most prevalent when considering the design and its look and can make the kitchen or bathroom look nice.


        • Less attractive when installed is if you love fancy faucet styles to fix
        • The cleaning process is complicated as it only has one piece that gets dirty particles accumulated into it quickly.

        Frequently asked questions

        1. Is it possible to replace a centerset faucet with a widespread faucet?

        Yes, it is possible to replace a centerset faucet with a widespread faucet. However, it is advisable to use a widespread mini faucet for better fitment.

        2. What is the critical difference between a centerset faucet and a widespread faucet?

        The critical difference between a centerset faucet, and a widespread faucet is that the centerset has a single unit with handles connected to the base. In contrast, overall, have three pieces with separate handles that you will fix on your own.

        3. Can a centerset faucet to be replaced with a single hole faucet?

        Yes, you can replace a centerset faucet with a single-hole faucet, but you will have to close the other holes.

        4. What is the reason for the higher cost of widespread faucets?

        Widespread faucets have a higher cost since you need to purchase them in different pieces, and the installation is complicated and requires a technician to fix them.

        5. When should one choose a centerset or widespread faucet?

        You need to choose a centerset faucet if you have a small space in the kitchen or bathroom since they come with one unit, and choose a widespread faucet if you have a more oversized kitchen or bathroom space. You have a reasonable budget since they have three pieces that need proper installation. You can choose widespread faucets if you need an attractive kitchen since they have different styles for interior places.


        There are many things to consider when choosing the right faucet, even replacing one in your kitchen or bathroom. First, check the guide for more details on the widespread and centerset faucets to select one. The two types of faucets have differences that you need to check together with the faucets’ features, pros, and cons to make the right decision. Next, choose the faucets according to your space in the kitchen or bathroom; that is if you have a small room and cost centerset is the best; however, if you have a bigger space choose a widespread faucet.