Kitchen faucets change your kitchen area’s look and fasten the cleaning and cooking process. The kitchen faucets are then available in different types, such that some have double spouts while others have a single tap. In addition, the fixture helps splash water when the faucet is on. Moreover, there are some differences in the spouts, which are brought by their features and benefits.

The choice of the kitchen faucet with two spouts needs to be keen with the considerations to follow to get the correct type of faucet to use at home. Remember, despite some cons, the double spout faucet has benefits you will love and choose. Like the single-spout kitchen faucet, all types of faucets work best in the kitchen, depending on your kitchen operations.

The article below describes the kitchen faucet with two spouts that will provide their features and benefits. It will explain the best between a single and double-spout kitchen faucet. The dual spout kitchen faucet and the buying guide will be the pros and cons. Lastly are the frequently asked questions and conclusion.

Which is a better double spout or a single spout?

The difference between the double spout and single spout kitchen faucets is their design, the space in the kitchen, and the number of holes it has to connect to the sink. Therefore, choosing the best among the two depends on whose features fulfill your interest.

First, the double-spout kitchen faucet has a symmetric design, while the single-spout kitchen faucet has a streamlined design. The second thing is the kitchen space after installation; the double spout kitchen faucet occupies a more expansive space. In contrast, a single spout kitchen faucet occupies a smaller space. Finally, the style of the holes makes the difference because one has fewer holes while the other has more.

Therefore, before choosing which is better, you need to get their advantages and disadvantages. 

All the two kitchen faucet spouts are better under different conditions. Single-spout faucets are straightforward to use and maintain, while double-spout kitchen faucets are a bit challenging if you are old enough. However, choose the double spout kitchen faucet for faster kitchen operations and convenience.

The better spout depends on how you would love to work with the faucet since both have advantages and disadvantages. However, double spout kitchen faucets are best for use for faster operations in the kitchen.

Features of Kitchen Faucet with Two Spouts

There are various kitchen faucets with two spouts with multiple features; you will check on a few features to choose one if you need one. The kitchen faucets are:

  • Pull-out faucets
  • Pull-down faucets
  • Single handle
  • Double handle faucets
  • Touchless faucets
  • Intelligent pot fillers faucets

Also, Kitchen faucets can be classified as wall-mounted faucets or deck-mounted faucets based on the installation process. In the reverse osmosis system, air and non-air gap faucets are available. The different types of kitchen faucets either have dual spouts or do not. Therefore, the features of a double spout kitchen faucet will let you know which one from a list of several types of faucets.

  • Installation

Installing a kitchen faucet with two spouts is as simple as installing a single-handle one. Because the two-spout kitchen faucet has a single hole, you will connect it with the sink to work.

  • Versatility

All kitchen faucets with double spouts are highly versatile such that they have a longer hose that can reach the sink easily when you are washing or collecting water from the tap. In addition, its universal nature gives it an additional function of rinsing utensils when washing twice, which enhances the cleaning of the kitchen dishes carefully.

  • Streamline design

Kitchen faucets with two spouts have a streamlined design that makes it easier to collect water since it increases water flow, saving you time when collecting water from the tap when cooking. The streamlined design makes the faucet spout

  • Mode of operation

The double spout kitchen faucet operates at all angles since it rotates at an angle of 360 degrees such that you can access the tap at any point in the kitchen.

  • Size

The double spout kitchen faucet is more significant and occupies a bigger space in the kitchen area. Therefore, choose to use a single spout kitchen faucet if you have a small kitchen area.

  • Finish

The double spout kitchen faucet has a nice finish that contains a mixture of different materials, creating a beautiful look in your kitchen. The dual spout kitchen faucet has a nice finish that makes it look attractive and the best in the kitchen.

  • Durability

Double-spout kitchen faucets are highly durable since they can handle busy kitchen operations as they contain two spouts, one for cold water and the other for hot water. Therefore, the spout does not allow a mixture of hot and cold water when the faucet is on, which helps you get the right temperature of water you want. In addition, the spout enhances easy temperature regulation of water such that if you need hot water, you will get on one tap while the other produces cold.

Double spout kitchen faucet

Pros and Cons of Double Spout Faucet

Every type of kitchen faucet spout has its advantages and disadvantages. The pros are the things that make you use a particular device, while the cons are the reasons or things you dislike about the device. Therefore, below are the advantages and disadvantages of the double spout kitchen faucet:


  • A double spout kitchen is easy since you can easily control the water flow depending on your desired temperature. The faucet minimizes the time taken in the tap mixing or regulates water flowing out of the faucet
  • Creates a beautiful look in the kitchen due to its design that attracts the users. The double spout in the kitchen has a streamlined design that adds to its beauty.
  • Fastens kitchen operations so you can collect water at all points when cooking. For example, when you are washing the dishes, one spout will get you water for washing and pre-wash then the other will thoroughly rinse the dishes. It also helps clean the dishes thoroughly without any food remaining after washing.
  • Installing the double spout kitchen faucet was easy since it works like the single-handle faucet that only has one hole of fixing it to the sink after buying. The installation process needs you to follow the proper steps to get to the right point without causing failures when using.
  • The perfect finish of the spout makes it highly durable and free from rust and other types of corrosion since it is made of heavy-duty material with a proper design.
  • Working with the double spout is convenient and functions best to double the result.
  • The double spout kitchen faucet is affordable, so you can quickly get it if you meet the budget needed by the price tag.
  • It enhances easy control of the hot and cold water temperature when collecting water, saves time, and improves water pressure when flowing.


  • The double spout kitchen faucet takes up a lot of space in the kitchen area, and if you have a small kitchen space, you cannot easily use it for your operations.

Buying guide for a double spout kitchen faucet

Before choosing the best double spout kitchen faucet from a particular list, you need to know some of the things you will consider. The considerations answer some of the questions when you need the kitchen faucet spout and give you direction on what to choose before buying a certain one. Below are the tips to follow:

  • Finish

Kitchen faucets with double spouts exist with different finishes. The finish material determines their durability and how you will handle the faucet. The different types of finishes are chrome, matte and other materials. The best finish is those double spouts with physical vapor deposition since they are the most durable. You can use the chrome finish, but it shows fingerprints when handled poorly; however, you can easily wash them off. The matte finish is also good but needs attention if any dirt is accompanied when working with it.  

The finish type is susceptible since you can get one, and you always wash the kitchen using certain chemicals; if the spout finish comes in contact with the chemicals, it changes its nature and becomes old quickly. Therefore, choose a kitchen faucet spout type that you can clean with even chemicals without causing any problems.

  • Size

The size of the double spout kitchen faucet is determined by the size of the sink and the type of faucet you use. If the kitchen sink and faucet are more significant, choose a double spout that is bigger too to fit the sink and vice versa. The size is also with the spout height, and you need to select a double spout height so that it can easily reach the sink when

  • Compatibility

Compatibility is the primary consideration when buying a kitchen faucet, such that you need to purchase one that fits your kitchen faucet and sink well. The compatibility enhances the installation so that if the two devices are compatible, the installation process is easy as long as you follow the proper steps. However, if the kitchen faucet sink and the double spout are incompatible, you will find that the installation process is complicated and that you will need to add more tools to make it successful.

  • Material

The material used to make a double spout determines how it will work in the kitchen. Most faucets are stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, plastic, and brass. All the materials make the spouts work better when fetching water, but the issue is with the durability in the kitchen. The best material to use is stainless steel since they are more durable and quickly get rust or any other corrosion when they come in contact with water when it flows through them.

Although many plastics are cheap, they are not long-lasting. But if you need a spout and cannot reach the price of the stainless steel spout or aluminum-made spout, choose to use it since it is cheap and easily affordable.

Frequently asked questions

1. Why choose a two-handle faucet at the kitchen sink?

Choosing a two-handle faucet at the kitchen sink helps control the temperature of the water, helps in working even if one of the handles has issues, creates a beautiful nature in the kitchen, and has a good design that attracts the user.

2. Can you replace a single-handle faucet with a double-handle faucet?

If you follow the instructions, you can replace a single-handle faucet with a double. Ensure that all the water valves are off when removing the single-handle faucet and fix the double-handle faucet.

3. Is there a specific size for the kitchen faucets?

Kitchen faucets have different sizes depending on the type of faucet and their manufacturers. Some kitchen faucets have a standard size, while others have random sizes. Therefore, when choosing their replacement on any tap accessory, check their size to get the suitable device.

4. Why should one avoid using the double-handle kitchen faucet?

Double-handle kitchen faucets are hard to work with, especially for those old enough individuals who occupy ample space in the kitchen. Therefore, if your kitchen space is small, you must use a single-handle kitchen faucet.


Kitchen faucet with two spouts exists in different varieties with different features and benefits. The double spout kitchen faucet choice depends on the parts that fulfill your desires when using. The guide explains all the necessary information about kitchen faucets with dual spouts with their pros and cons. Moreover, when buying the kitchen faucet double spout, follow some tips to make the right decision.