Collapsible cutting boards can make your life easy. But that happens only when you get the right one. We’ve come across hundreds of customers that will just shun you when you start recommending collapsible cutting boards and say, ‘No way, I’m going to get another one.’ I’ve been there. Some cutting boards can make you feel better off with them.

A heavy collapsible board is the last thing you’d want to get your hands on. And what’s worse, even the heavy ones are not durable enough. And if it’s slippery, you’d have to make war while cutting veggies and meats.

When I say I’ll help you get the best collapsible cutting board, I mean something that comes with lightweight yet robust construction. It won’t be slippery, and you will have all the features that take care of the mess in your kitchen. We’d go for something that has a water drainage system too.

I had plans to talk about at least ten cutting boards, but only eight have met our demands.

Best Collapsible Cutting Board with Lid Reviews

Below I have narrowed down the finest collapsible cutting boards from the leading brands on the market. Go through the details and see which one will be a perfect match for your kitchen.

Our Top Picks 

1. QiMH Collapsible Cutting Board with Lid

2. Rottogoon Collapsible Cutting Board with Cover

3. ZVP Expandable Cutting Board Set with Lid

4. Gintan Camping Cutting Board with Lid

5. HI NINGER 3 In 1 Chopping Board with Lid

6. Pepe Nero 9×12 Cutting Board with Cover

7. HI NINGER Chopping Board with Lid

8. Prettyia Collapsible Drain Basket Chopping Board

1. QiMH Collapsible Cutting Board with Lid

The QiMH collapsible cutting board looked similar to the board from HI NINGER I just talked about a while back. But I loved the color options QiMH provides.

Gray, Red, and Green have three different colors to choose from. But that’s not the only thing we’ll talk about here. There’s more. And that’s what we’ll find out here.

The cutting board is completely BPA free and non-toxic. So yes, it offers you everything to be environment-friendly. The makers have used premium PP and TRP material to construct it. Not just any PP or TRP, though; I’m talking about ‘food-grade’ ones here.  

Now, it’s pretty obvious that you can cut meat, veggies, and fruits on this cutting board. I don’t need to tell you that. I need to tell you that you slice things with precision and accuracy. 

Since it’s non-slip, you can keep it secured to its position while you cut things up. The set comes with special non-slip stands to make things even more comfortable. Place them anywhere you want. You can even keep it on smooth surfaces as well.

Now, that was all about cutting and chopping. Things get better when you turn it into a mini-sink by unfolding it. Wash your fruits and veggies in no time with a super-easy user experience. You can store your items in it.

Like other high-end collapsible cutting boards, this one also has a food-draining basket. Simply open the plug once you’re done washing the vegetables and fruits, and you’ll see the water draining out through the large hole.


  • Made of TPR and PP for robust construction
  • BPA-free and Food-grade ensures user’s safety
  •  Non-slip feature makes sure you can chop with accuracy
  •  It can work as a mini-sink for more working convenience


  • Might seem a bit small in shape

2. Rottogoon Collapsible Cutting Board with Cover

The collapsible cutting board from Rottogoon gives this perfect outdoor vibe even though you can use it indoors. It’s more like taking a basket to your family picnic. Maybe the color options the board has explains it. Orange, Green, BlueViolet, Sky Blue, Light Blue; not just one, two, or three, you’ll have five different vibrant colors to choose from.

But wait, looking stylish isn’t the only thing this cutting board is good at. You’re getting into your comfort zone, just as you wanted. Take the height adjustment feature, for example. You’ll get three adjustable heights to meet your chopping and cutting needs.

Don’t forget the knife slot, though. The slot is placed right at the bottom of the board to keep your knife in it easily. And guess what? You don’t even need to buy a knife. The set includes a sharp-edge knife that can help you slice things even better.

And who says you just need to use it for cutting and chopping, by the way? Unfold the cutting board and use it as a food-storage basket.

I didn’t find it to be that robust for some reason when it comes to durability. I mean, it’s okay. The manufacturers have used premium plastic (of course, a food-grade one) and silicone to construct the cutting board. However, it didn’t feel as thick as the ones I talked about earlier.

As for your ease, it’s pretty light in weight. You can use the plug to drain the water. Pick the board up easily with the ergonomic handles. The board is completely dishwasher safe. So, when it’s messy, just simply toss it into the dishwasher, and you’ll have it cleaned.


  • Three height adjustment settings to choose from
  • There’s a knife slot where you can store knives
  • You can use it as a food-storage basket if you unfold it
  • Effortless to clean up as its dishwasher safe


  • Not satisfyingly thick

3. ZVP Expandable Cutting Board Set with Lid

When chopping board storage is your priority, the collapsible cutting board from ZVP is something you should get your hands on. I’ve included this one in my chopping board review list because it’s widely known for its storage capacity when you unfold it.

We’ve talked about other cutting boards with storage capacity. Well, it seemed this one has a larger space in it. You can keep your fruits and veggies in it and wash them with all the convenience.

The compact board increases its size to a substantial figure as you expand it. In fact, you can keep medium-sized plates in it and give them a wash; the board can be used as a sink.

The drain hole in this cutting board is on the larger side. As a result, the water drains faster when you finish washing the fruits and vegetables. All you need to do is just pull the built-in plug out and see the magic.

Slice your veggies, fruits, and meats with a sturdy surface when using it as a cutting board. Now, there ARE cutting boards that warp up easily, especially when you fold them repeatedly. That isn’t the case for the ZVP collapsible cutting board. You can just fold it as much as you want. I don’t think it will break or warp.

The makers kept the base a bit raised and reinforced to take the durability to a new weight. Plus, each foot is made out of rubber pads. For which, you get better stability as you slice things up.

You’ll also love the deep grooves around the edge of the cutting board. These collect the liquid leftovers while keeping your board completely moisture-proof.


  • Large storage space for storing fruits, vegetables, and meats
  • The drain hole is bigger in size, allowing water to pass through faster
  • Raised base ensures enhanced durability
  • Thanks to the rubber pads foot, the board stays stable all the time
  • Deep grooves around its edge keep the board moisture-free


  • The latches of food compartments do not well fit

4. Gintan Camping Cutting Board with Lid

Here’s a space-saving chopping board that also promises you larger storage. But that’s not the only reason why I picked this for. It’s stylish with an impeccable design and never-ending features that make it the best gift for people who are always on the go.

You can use this multifunctional collapsible board to chop veggies and fruits, slice and beat meat, wash and store dishes, keep the drinks iced, and so on. This knife-friendly board has so many uses that it can easily cut down the needs of several dishes and bowls.

As I mentioned, the collapsible board is deeper and bigger than any regular ones out there. The amazing design improves efficiency and helps you speed up to save your space, time, and lots of unnecessary work. You can set the board at two depths: A folding size of 13.4*9.0*2.3 inches and an Expanding size of 13.4*8.8*4.1 inches. Hence, it’s used as a bowl, sink, and a nice vessel to keep your beverages on ice.

What impressed me the most about this cutting board is its anti-slip design. Yes, the upper surface will prevent your knives from slipping as it’s made of non-toxic and high-grade silicone. A no-slip bottom is also provided to hold the board firmly in place, allowing you to easily work on any counter, sink, tabletop, or other places.

And you just can’t ignore how good-looking the board is! The combination of lime green and white is something that makes it unique. While this look makes it a great tool for outdoor camping, the 1.3 lbs. of weight also help a lot in this regard. In my opinion, no other cutting board is as useful as this one for picnics and camping.


  • Multifunctional features for your convenience
  • You can use it as a bowl, sink and nice vessel as well
  • Ensures a safe cutting experience, thanks to its anti-slip design
  • Pretty light in weight, so you can carry it anywhere


  • The crevices might feel annoying

5. HI NINGER 3 In 1 Chopping Board with Lid

Yet again, another HI NINGER chopping board made its place on the list for good reasons. Apart from being multifunctional and incredibly robust, the board also comes with a pair of handy scissors that has not only one but seven different uses!

Made of food-grade PP Plastic and TPR, the board is free from BPA, chemical additives, and other harmful elements. Besides making the board safe, the materials make it strong and highly durable to withstand kitchen abuses without deforming.

Due to its collapsible design, the board works as a cutting board, food draining basket, and storage bowl. When collapsed, the thickness of the board is 0.9 inches only. So, you know you can store it anywhere and carry it without any issue.

The non-slip stand with a non-slip cutting surface and ergonomic handle makes it easier to grip the board and helps you to cut the meat and veggies comfortably. To hold the juices from the meat, the inner surface has ridges around it. It helps you work mess-free and save the juice in stock for gravy.

Let’s talk about the kitchen scissors now. You can use this multipurpose tool as a vegetable peeler, straight knife, fish scaler, serrated knife, and bottle opener! This scissor can single-handedly fulfill almost all your needs while cooking. What else can you ask for?


  • Food-grade PP plastic and TPR construction make it durable
  • Collapsible design for ease of use and portability
  • With the ergonomic handle, you can hold the board with ease
  • Non-slip surface makes sure you chop things with accuracy.


  • Reportedly water leaks after several usages

6. Pepe Nero 9×12 Cutting Board with Cover

How about an all-in-one package that includes almost every accessory you’ll need in your kitchen? Pepe Nero offers you the ultimate kitchen gadget suitable for making each dish with perfection. You can slice, dice, wash and strain your veggies on one board.

Unlike most other cutting boards, this one is made of natural rice husk. This renewable material is environment-friendly and far superior to plastic, wood, or glass boards when it comes to safety. Rice husk also makes it super strong and highly durable to serve you without losing its form for decades.

As the cutting board is collapsible with a compact design, you can store it for outdoor camping in a relatively small space. Some people prefer compact and portable cutting tools, while some don’t. If you’re looking for something large and deep, this one might not be the right choice.

But, I can assure you that you’ll love the accessories included in this handy kit. Along with the collapsible board, you get a large cleaver knife, strainer, paring knife, fine blade grater, crinkle cutter, hand masher, wide blade grater, and mandoline. It may sound like a dream, but it is true.

You can cut off half of your costs and make any dish you want, from BBQs to fruit salads, with all these excellent tools. Whether you’re a professional at a restaurant or working in your home kitchen, this space-saving chopping board is a must-have


  • Environmentally sustainable rice husk construction
  • It is completely safe to use for any cooking purposes
  • The design is rather compact for easy transport
  • Provides a plethora of accessories for cutting ease


  •   Doesn’t offer much of a space

7. HI NINGER Chopping Board with Lid

If you put robust structure, compact shape, and versatility in a box and mix them up altogether, you’d get something like the HI NINGER chopping board, that I can tell.

I mean, it’s not your regular foldable chopping board; NO, SIR! At an affordable price, the cutting board from HI NINGER comes with many features that can make you go wow.

Cut down all your vegetables and fruits, and you’ll know the true meaning of convenience. No bluff! The cutting board is robust and can take all the abuse and beating while you slice things up.

You’re getting premium PP and TPR material joining hands together. Thanks to 30 mm extra thickness, the cutting board gives you this robust feeling and can handle all the beatings. The fact that it’s BPA-free, food-grade, and non-toxic is a cherry on top.

With its non-slip attribute, your knife won’t slide off easily as you slice up fruits and vegetables. This makes your cutting experience more efficient and accurate.

You can use this chopping board as a mini-sink. Unfold it and watch it turn into this compact-sized sink where you can keep your veggies, foods, drinks, and even small dishes to give a wash. There’s this plug the cutting board comes with, which you can pull out and drain the water.


  • Made of TPR and PP for robust construction
  • BPA-free and Food-grade ensures user’s safety
  •  Non-slip feature makes sure you can chop with accuracy
  •  It can work as a mini-sink for more working convenience


  • Might seem a bit small in shape

8. Prettyia Collapsible Drain Basket Chopping Board

Starting the reviews with the space-saving chopping board from Prettyia. Durability, aesthetic, functionality, you name it, this one right here has all the things you’d want in a collapsible chopping board. Let’s see if it can blend in with your taste.

You’ll love the solid build quality it shows off. The makers have used PP material on the surface of the board. It’s not only strong, by the way. The PP material is super thick, which allows the cutting board to take all the abuses and beatings.

The board is completely non-slip. This means you can cut the vegetables with ultimate comfort while the knife doesn’t slide suddenly and you end up cutting your hand. Besides, the board holds on to where you’ll keep it. Thanks to its stability, your convenience just gets better.

Messing your kitchen up is the last thing you’d want, right? Well, the chopping board’s drain basket has got your back. After cutting veggies, you can get rid of the leftovers just like that. Easy-peasy, no messing things up again.

Now, here’s the one thing that makes it completely stand out, though. Unlike a typical collapsible cutting board, it comes with a basket. You’ve read it right. Once you’re done cutting all the vegetables and cleaning them, you can store them in the basket.


  • PP material body ensures durability
  • Non-slip to deliver secured grip on the surface
  • Drain basket takes care of all the wastes and left-overs
  • You can store vegetables in the basket


  • Takes a bit of effort to collapse

Things You Should Consider to Buy the Best Collapsible Cutting Board

As you’re going to use the cutting board almost every day, it’s important to make a well-informed purchase. Not all collapsible boards will meet your needs and give you the same comfort and convenience. You need to keep a few factors in mind while picking a chopping board for your kitchen.

  • Foldability

Of course, we are talking about collapsible boards here, and foldability is the first thing you need to check. You’ll find two types of collapsible cutting boards: partly foldable and completely foldable chopping boards.

I understand it can be tempting to go for foldable boards. But I haven’t included any ‘fully-foldable’ board in my cutting board recommendation list. That’s because this type of board is extremely thin and often made of harmful materials. Fully foldable cutting boards tend to lose their shape very easily.

On the other hand, partially foldable boards are multifunctional, convenient, easy to use, and fairly flexible. They are made of strong and safe materials that last for years. So, pick partially foldable cutting boards to enjoy both comfort and safety.

  • Materials

Plastic, wood, and glass cutting boards are the most popular ones. Among the three, plastic is undoubtedly the most suitable for everyday use.

Most collapsible boards are made of a combination of food-grade plastic and silicone. These materials make the board sturdy enough to withstand beatings and knife cuts without losing form. Also, cleaning the meat and vegetables are much easier with plastic-made boards.

They are lightweight and easy to carry. Such boards never retain any bad odor from food. You can also toss them in your dishwasher for proper cleaning.

  • Design

When it comes to design, you need to consider many things. Try to pick a multifunctional cutting board that can be used for cutting, washing, straining, and storing. Check out the bottom and top surfaces of the board as well.

Go for silicone or rubber-made anti-slip surfaces that help the food and the board stay in place. Make sure the handles are comfortable and non-slip. If you’re looking for a board to carve meat, you need to pick one with juice grooves.

The grooves around the perimeter of the inner surface will catch the juice to prevent mess. You can also save the juice from meat and fruits for later uses.

  • Size

This depends on your personal preferences. We recommend going for a 15 to 16-inch cutting board. Such medium-sized boards suit almost all types of needs. If you’re used to picnics or camping, go for smaller ones as they are lightweight and easily portable.

On the other hand, you’ll need a larger cutting board to cut turkeys and a large number of vegetables every day.

Benefits of Collapsible Cutting Boards with Lid

A collapsible cutting board with a lid is a convenient and practical kitchen tool that offers several benefits. It is ideal for those with limited kitchen space, as it can be easily stored when not in use. The lid helps to keep the cutting board clean and hygienic, reducing the risk of cross-contamination of food. 

The cutting board is also versatile, as you can use it for various tasks, such as chopping, slicing, and serving food. In addition, the collapsible design makes it easy to take with you on the go, making it a convenient choice for picnics and travel. Overall, a collapsible cutting board with a lid is a practical and convenient choice for any kitchen.

  • Saves space

If you want to save space in the kitchen, a collapsible cutting board with a lid is the way to go! You can easily collapse it and store it away in a drawer or cupboard when it’s not in use.

  • Easy to clean

The cutting board’s lid helps keep it clean and free from contaminants, making it easier to clean.

  • Can be used as a serving tray

 When you fold it up and put the lid on, you can use this cutting board as a tray to serve snacks like cheese and crackers or some sliced veggies.

  • Hygienic

The lid helps keep your cutting board clean and hygienic, so you don’t have to worry about cross-contamination of food.

  • Versatile

The collapsible cutting board with a lid can be used for various tasks, such as chopping, slicing, and serving food.

  • Portable

This cutting board with a lid is great for taking on the go – it’s so easy to collapse and store away. Pack it up for a picnic or toss it in your bag when you travel; you’ll always have a clean surface to prep and serve food.


What material is best for a cutting board?

Cutting boards are made of wood, plastic, glass, rubber, bamboo, and other materials. Plastic and rubber boards are the best and most convenient for most people. These materials can withstand kitchen abuses for years.

Also, they are flexible, easy to clean, and suitable for meat, veggies, and fruits. When made of food-grade plastic and rubber, these boards are fully safe.

How do you disinfect a wooden cutting board?

To disinfect a wooden cutting board, take a clean cloth and soak it in 3% hydrogen peroxide or pure white vinegar. Completely wipe the board with the cloth and let it sit for some time.

For stains or odors, use baking soda or kosher salt on the board and rub it with a slice of lemon. You can also buy a safe disinfectant solution for this job.

What’s the best surface to cut meat on?

Plastic and rubber are the best surfaces to cut meat on. The materials are completely safe and don’t affect the quality of the meat. Also, they won’t retain the smell of meat even if you use them every day to cut meat.

You can easily clean the juice and meat pieces from plastic or rubber boards when you’re done. Be sure not to cut meat on wooden or bamboo surfaces as they might affect the taste and smell of your food.

What is the most sanitary type of cutting board?

Wood, plastic, and bamboo-made boards are the most sanitary type of cutting boards. Both bamboo and wood are environment-friendly and reusable.

As they are collected from natural sources, the materials are completely safe to use. However, you need to make sure it’s food grade and high in quality when it comes to plastic.

Final Words

That was everything about the best collapsible cutting boards. In my collapsible cutting board reviews, I have covered all the details you need to know for buying a high-quality kitchen board.

Now, it’s time to give you my final verdict. Judging by its design and features, I give my best overall title to the Prettyia cutting board. This flexible chopping board is made from premium-grade materials and features an anti-slip design. You can use it for cutting, draining, and storing your food.

Apart from that, the HI NINGER cutting boards are also a good choice for both indoor and outdoor uses.