A faucet is a kitchen appliance that we all need to make the kitchen space look great and beautiful. The Price Pfister is the brand company that produces the best faucet for use at home since most people recommend using it. But unfortunately, the kitchen faucet has a handle and spout that can cause issues.

Therefore, removing the Price Pfister kitchen faucet handle and spout can result from several reasons. Some are that you are replacing the faucet handle and spout or that there are some repairs you want to do. All these processes need you to check on a few instructions to make the process successful.

The article below will discuss the few steps you will follow when removing the Price Pfister kitchen faucet handle and spout. The steps are two differences that you need to be keen on them. Lastly are the frequently asked questions and conclusion.

Removing Price Pfister kitchen faucets handle

Removing the price Pfister kitchen faucet handle is a cheap process that anyone can perform so long as you follow the proper steps instead of asking for help from a professional. Below are steps to follow:

Tools to use

Tool Function
Container To collect water that leaks from the water lines when working with them
Adjustable wrench To remove the screws holding most parts of the faucet
Lubricating oil To lubricate the screws that have rust

1. Remove everything from the sink section

When working with the sink, you must remove everything packed to create space for other activities. For example, an empty sink will give you space to access the faucet’s handle with ease. If some other appliances are fixed in place, choose to remove them and get a good space for operation.

2. Switch off the primary water source

Choose to switch off the water sources or the valves that flow water to the sink, as it is among the instructions when working with the sink. When the sources are off, no water flows into the sink, which can cause distractions. Remember, when water is flowing, and you are working with the faucet, you can easily slip, which is risky to getting injuries or flowing the screws in the faucet.

3. Disconnect the Price Pfister kitchen faucet handle and handle hub

Disconnecting the Price of the Pfister kitchen faucet handle depends on the model of the faucet. Different faucets have different ways of removing the handle since some handles have screws you only need to unscrew, unlike others where you need to allocate the openings behind the handle that you can only twist to remove the handle. After removing the handle, you can remove the handle hub since it is a simple process.

4. Remove the hoses

Hoses are located near the water supply lines in the faucet. First, get an excellent place to hold water that can be flowing since the hoses are prone to leak. Next, remove the hoses now using an adjustable wrench.

5. Disconnect the quick connect

The quick connect is where you will recognize the Price Pfister brand of faucets. To remove the quick connect, consider using a press that you will press the connector and push the tab. It will get loose for you to remove the appliances inside it for operation. With a model that lacks a quick connection, you need to use the locking pliers to remove the screws that hold on the components.

6. Remove the spout mounting hardware

Removing the spout mounting hardware is simple; you need to locate the tabs and the Y connector in the faucet. Using some good energy, remove the tab and Y connector. After that, remove the spout by pushing a specific ring on the connector.

7. Remove the faucet handle from the sink

The last step is removing the faucet handle from the sink, so you need to have a screwdriver. Remove the screws holding the mounting hardware to the sink using the screwdriver. If the screws are old or have rust, consider adding lubricating oil to loosen them for removal. There are some tubes in the faucet that you can cut or recycle if you are repairing, then remove the total Price Pfister faucet handle from the sink.

If you are repairing, check the issues with the faucet handle and replace and if you are installing a new one, follow the steps carefully to fix everything into place for work.

Quick removing Price Pfister kitchen faucet spout

1. Switch off the hot and cold valves to reduce the water flow rate. Remember, when you work with water, there is a high risk of getting an accident during your operation.

2. Remove the hoses from the faucet using a wrench to remove the screws holding them to the faucet.

3. Remove the hoses holding the spout and sprayer. Check on the type of connector for easy removal of the hoses.

4. Using a wrench, remove the screws that connect the faucet to the sink deck. Choose to lubricate the screws if they have rust to loosen them easily.

5. Remove the faucet from the sink deck after removing all the screws. You can cut some of the connectors if the faucet spout does not need repairs or if you will not recycle them.

6. Remove the quick connect; consider using a press that will press the connector and push the tab to loosen all the internal components.

7. Remove the spout mounting hardware and get the spout. In this step, you only need to locate the Y connector and the tabs to remove the spout mounting hardware.

8. For older faucets, check on their connectors that hold on the spout and unscrew them using a screwdriver, turning them in a different direction to remove them. Again, the steps need you to check the manual to get the instructions to follow if your faucet is older since it is complicated.

How to lubricate the Price Pfister kitchen faucet handle

Lubricating the Price Pfister kitchen faucet handle and spout is essential as it reduces the screws from getting rusting and sticking to the connection. With such a case, you cannot easily remove them if there is a need for repair. In addition, lubricating helps the faucet’s moving parts handle smoothly and with less noise. Remember, lubricating the faucets is not as simple as the standard parts that you are lubricating, so be careful with the activity. Below are a few steps to follow:

1. Clean the sink area

Since lubricating the faucet requires you to open the inner parts of the sink and lubricate, you need to start by cleaning the sink section and removing anything that can be distracting when working.

2. Put off all the valves

When lubricating, there is no need for water flow since the parts moving the water are the exact parts that need lubrication. So if you flow water, it will waste the water as it will get in contact with chemicals in the grease, which is unsuitable for use.

3. Locate the handle and remove it together with the handle hub

Check the handle of the faucet since the faucet’s handle depends on the model of the faucet in use. Therefore, check the location of the faucet and remove it. When removing the faucet, consider adding the lubricating oil to loosen the screws for easy unscrewing or turning the handle and the handle hub.

4. Remove the quick connect and remove the spout

Press the connector to remove the quick connects so you can locate the spout for lubrication. Next, remove the spout and apply the lubricating oil to it. Lubrication helps in maintaining the spout and the faucet handle.

Frequently asked questions

1. What are the different types of Price Pfister faucets?

There are two Price Pfister faucets: the Pfister Avanti pull-down kitchen faucet, Pfister F-529-7MRGS Miri easy install pull-down kitchen faucet, Pfister ash field pull-down kitchen faucet, and Pfister Cagney pull-down kitchen faucet with soap dispenser.

2. What common problems can lead to removing the kitchen faucet and handle?

The most common problems are that the faucet handle and spout can be told that they need to be removed, and when the faucet is flowing water at a low speed.

3. What is the cost of installing a Price Pfister kitchen faucet?

The cost of installing a Price Pfister kitchen faucet is around $162.

4. What common parts need repair in a kitchen faucet?

The aerator and spray diverters need repair in a kitchen faucet. 

5. What are the different types of faucet kitchen handles?

There are three kitchen faucet handles single handle, double and touchless handles.


A kitchen faucet is an essential appliance for your kitchen sink that will enhance your operations in the kitchen. The best brand of faucets to use is the Price Pfister kitchen faucets since they are most trusted due to the quality of tools they make. Usually, if you have issues with the faucet and its components, you will remove it to either repair or replace it. Therefore, the guide explains removing the faucet’s handle and spout if you want to work with them.