A baby high chair will look great on your kitchen island. It gives your child a safe and comfortable place to sit while you prepare meals or do other tasks. When not in use, you can easily adjust the chair to fit your child’s size and folded away.

You may be wondering if you need a baby high chair if you have a kitchen island. Yes, it would be best if you gave it a try. It depends on your family’s requirements and how you intend to use your kitchen island.

But, before going to haul a baby chair, you should look for some factors that ensure your baby’s safety and the aesthetic of your kitchen area. You should also consider the height and width of your countertop. It is also important to consider the comfort of the chair and its weight capacity.

The following article is a guide that discusses the six best baby high chair for kitchen island to make your search easier. I will add each product’s features, pros and cons, and experience here. In the end, a buying guide will direct you on what to follow when choosing the best kitchen island high chair for your baby. 

Best Baby High Chair For Kitchen Island

Below are details of the six best kitchen island baby high chairs. Here you will find the features and quality of the products with their pros and cons.

Best Overall

Wooden High Chair with Tray

Best Budget

Convertible Baby High Chair

Best Leather

baby high chair

1. Joovy Nook High Chair

The Joovy Nook high chair is for making your baby’s mealtime easier. It comes in a fully assembled packet and is ready to use. You can fold the chair and keep it in your kitchen nook when not in use. This makes this chair more convenient because you can fold it like a beach chair and carry it to any place, like picnics, friends’ homes, or any other part of your home.

The Nook is a full-size high chair with a spacious, padded leatherette seat that can support a child weighing up to 50 pounds. The leatherette material is easy to clean.


  • Design: The seat is “leatherette” with a five-point harness. The Nook has a swing-open tray. This fantastic high chair has a large swing-open tray that can be opened with one hand. Mom or dad can easily hold their child while operating the tray without using two hands or lining up cumbersome rails. The seat is covered with Faux Leather. It is easy to clean up, with a dishwasher-safe tray insert and leatherette seat wipes down easily.
  • Durability: It comes in Faux Leather and is very easy to clean. The tray is also dishwasher safe. The chair can carry up to 50lbs weight.
  • Size: The Chair is foldable; you can keep it in any corner of your kitchen and carry it anywhere. It weighs only 14.9 pounds with a dimension of ‎32 x 23.5 x 41 inches.
  • Assembling Process: The product comes fully assembled and ready to use. You will need no extra tools or man to fix it. Isn’t it great!

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon

When my son was a baby, I wished I had this for him. My daughter started using it five months before she was sitting independently. Having a tray that swings out is excellent. Taking the baby out of the chair doesn’t require me to find a place to set the tray. She can retrieve her by swinging the door open.


  • It comes in fully assembled.
  • The chair is covered in faux leather, so easy to clean.
  • Foldable, so easy to carry, and saves space.
  • Adjustable harness with soft webbing and a 3-position reclining seat & leg rest ensures comfort for your infant feedings.
  •  It has an extra-large and sturdy snap-on tray with a removable liner.


  • The tray has a liner that causes food to get trapped every time, causing us to have to open the liner and clean underneath each time.

2. Chicco Polly Highchair

The Polly Highchair for babies helps you give your child a comfortable meal from infant through toddler. It has modern styling features with smooth, soft fabric that is easy to wipe clean. It is very convenient for storage as it is compact and foldable only into an 11′ width.

This highchair comes in a three-position reclining seat & footrest and a five-point adjustable harness with soft webbing to accommodate infants as young as six months. An extra sizeable snap-on tray is included for easy serving and cleanup.


  • Design: The chair is 33 x 21.5 x 41 inches. Its material combines 33.9% Steel, 59.2% Plastic, and 6.9% Fabric & Fill. The baby chair I found has a reclining seat, a safety harness, wheels, and folds easily for transport and storage. You can choose from taupe, mineral, sapphire, or beige.
  • Durability: The chair is durable for materials like Steel, Plastic, and Fabric & Fill.
  • Size: The Chair is foldable; you can keep it in any corner of your kitchen and carry it anywhere. It is 11″ when folded and weighed.
  • Assembling Process: A user manual is inside the packet that you must follow while assembling the chair. If you follow the manual instructions carefully, it is straightforward to fix.

Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon 

My twin granddaughters will enjoy having two when they visit. After researching numerous highchairs and reading reviews, I decided on this one. 

  1. As an infant, it grows into a toddler.
  2. You can store it by folding it up.
  3. Both boys and girls will love this neutral stripe cover. 


  • It is adjustable that grows with your baby’s comfort from 6 to 36 months old.
  • It is space-saving. It stands independently for storage.
  • The seat pad is soft, wipeable, and easy to clean.
  • Extra-large and sturdy snap-on tray with removable liner
  •  Fold-away armrests
  • Space-saving tray storage on rear legs


  • The chair and tray have numerous seams, cracks, and crevices, so food products get attached.

3. Abiie Beyond Wooden High Chair

The Abiie Beyond Junior Y Wooden High Chair is a versatile product. It is one of the chairs that will last for years, from your child’s baby to adulthood. You can adjust this chair into a toddler, step tool, or adult chair. It can pull up to your table or be adjusted high enough for counter height. 

There are several colors of this product like Mahogany wood with cream cushions, Mahogany wood with olive green cushions, Natural wood with black pearl cushions, Natural wood with blueberry blue cushions, Natural wood with olive green cushions, and Natural wood with raspberry pink cushion.

The key feature is the patented EZ-Seat system which enables quick adjustment of the seat and footrest to easily adapt to whoever needs the chair. The restraint system can be adjusted for a 5-point or 3-point harness, keeping your loved one secure and comfortable.


  • Design: This baby high chair has a Wood frame with cushion seats and a plastic tray cover. Wooden frames are made from eco-friendly, top-quality European-cultivated beechwood. It provides you with Soft, water-resistant, and stain-resistant cushion seats.
  • Durability: The product has a 3-year Manufacturer’s Warranty included with optional low-cost 1/2/3 years extended protection plans. The materials are durable enough to last years and grow with your toddlers.
  • Size: The Chair is 3″ D x 34 “W x 16 “H in dimension. It weighs 17 Pounds. The product comes in 1 count pack.
  • Assembling Process: You will need tools for the first time assembling. It will take 10 to 15 minutes to assemble for the first time. If assembled securely once, then the after-adjustments are quick with no tools

    Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon 

    My 15-month-old child barely reached the first footrest setting on the chair. Tiny babies will have their legs dangling until they reach a certain height if they use this ergonomic chair. She grew out of the Upset before we switched to this chair.


    • This product is different because it can be converted to a booster seat or a regular dining chair when your child no longer needs it as a high chair.
    •  EZ-Seat Technology helps you adjust the seat height and footrest easily.
    •  It is easy to clean, with many access points for cleaning up foods on the seat. 
    • It has a one-hand removable dishwasher-safe tray cover.


    • It’s not an easily portable high chair. 
    • Cushion colors may fade due to wet wipes.

    4. Ingenuity Smart-clean Trio Elite 3-in-1 Convertible Baby High Chair

    This high chair is from the brand Ingenuity a product made in China. It is a convertible chair made of metal. The high chair has easy-to-clean components and can be used for children weighing less than 50 pounds as a traditional high chair, a booster seat, or a toddler chair. Easy to move around the kitchen with 360° wheels


    • Design: The chair’s legs are made of metal, and the seats are of plastic with two washable foam-cushion one at the back and the other at the seat. There is no nylon used on the chair. The seat has a five-point harness and can be easily detached and secured as a booster seat. Its seat is only 15 inches wide.
    • Durability: The product is made of steel except for the chair, which makes the chair durable.
    • Size: The Chair is 21.5 “D x 34.5 “W x 43.5 “H in dimension. The seat is only 15 inches wide, but at the floor level, it’s 22 inches wide and 36 inches deep. It weighs 10.25 Pounds. The product comes in 1 count pack.
    • Assembling Process: I assembled it by myself without the help of tools very quickly and easily. It comes with a fully assembled tray.

    Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon 

    My youngest son received this high chair as a baby shower gift, so I had to purchase one for my other son. It couldn’t be better for me. Its sleek design complements my kitchen and is easy to clean.


    • You will get three chairs in one design. It can be used as a high, toddler, and booster chair.
    •  It comes in two colors and has a modern look for adjusting your kitchen.
    •  You can also use the toddler chair for your other elder child.
    • The foam set pad is easy to clean, and the tray is dishwasher safe.


    • This chair is wide at the base, almost 36 inches from the back legs to the front. So it is problematic for smaller living areas.

    5. BEABA Adjustable High Chair

    This BEABA Up & Down High Chair features a modern style that gives you a removable tray and footrest. It also has six adjustable settings ranging from table to bar height for comfort and convenience. Its wide base footprint provides stability for peace of mind. The chair is suitable for all table heights, including tables, islands, bars, and counters.


    • Design: this chair has a large foot base that will provide a stable and safe structure. It also includes a removable tray and a soft wipeable newborn insert. The cushions are machine washable. The high chair is BPA, lead, and phthalate-free. It is made of high-quality materials. The adjustable chair has a three-point for safety harness. It is also patented up and down technology with six adjustable height levels.
    • Durability:  Made from superior quality materials: aluminum, wood, and plastic, durability is assured.
    • Size: The chair weighs 12lbs and has dimensions of 22.4″ L x 26.7″ W x 35.4″ H. It has a max weight capacity of 33lbs and is suited for children five months to 36 months. 
    • Assembling Process:  The product needs assembly with the bits of help of tools.

    Selected Customer Feedback found from Amazon 

    A counter-height chair has been on my wish list for a few months. The moment I found this, I was ecstatic. I love it. The counter looks nice and fits well. I found it to be much lighter than it appeared in the photos. It is the perfect height for my one-year-old to eat with the family. My wife and I will enjoy this for several years to come, and I’m happy to have found it.


    • It supports up to 33 lbs.
    • The lowest tray height is 28″, and the highest height is 36″.
    • The chair is suitable for all table heights (table, island, kitchen counter, bar, etc.).
    • The brand has designed up-and-down technology with six adjustable height levels for the chair.
    • The chair has a three-point safety harness for child safety.


    •  Using a delicate cycle, wash the cushion.
    Baby High Chair For Kitchen Island

    Buying guide for Best Baby High Chair For Kitchen Island

    When your baby starts to sit up and eat solid foods, you may need to have a high chair. Mealtime may be easier with a perfect infant seat. You will need to know how to choose the perfect one. Here is a buying guide for you, from functionality to important safety features.

    Safety harness

    By strapping your baby into the chair, you can prevent your baby from slipping or falling out of it.

    Easy cleaning parts

    Try to choose a chair that has little fabric. For an easy-to-clean high chair, you should find one that has a wood, plastic, or metal frame. 

    Removable tray

    A removable tray is another helpful addition if you want to remove it and have your baby join you at the dinner table! Keep in mind that if the chair height matches the height of your kitchen table, this can be tricky. You can, however, mitigate this by finding a high chair with adjustable legs.


    Proper foot support is essential for your baby’s comfort. For the best ergonomics, look for a high chair with an easily adjustable back and footrest.


    The height of the seats in the Kitchen Island varies due to their different dimensions. If you choose the wrong size for your kitchen island, you will be uncomfortable using it because it will either be too high for you or too shallow to reach the countertop.


    Select a seat that allows you to sit comfortably. If you are new to the selection of cores for your kitchen island, consider physically inspecting them to see if they are comfortable for you and your family.

    Frequently asked questions

    What are high chairs, and what are they used for?

    A high chair is a long chair with a small seat with long legs designed to safely and securely elevate babies or toddlers to the countertop or kitchen island height.

    Can I put my 1-year-old baby in a high chair?

    Although there is no set age, your toddler will typically be ready to transition out of the high chair between 18 months and three years. They’re steady enough to stay upright for extended periods in this range, but they may still be a little wiggly.

    What age can I put my baby in a high chair?

    When your baby star sits on their own and takes solid food, it is the best time to try a high chair.

    Do you need a high chair for an infant?

    Yes, you can put an infant in a high chair if it has a 5-point harness to keep them secure. You will also want to ensure that the seat is reclined so your baby’s head does not fall. When introducing your baby to the high chair, start with short periods and gradually increase the time they are in the chair.

    What is the purpose of a baby highchair?

    High chairs with footrests help your child develop good sitting posture by allowing their feet to rest flat on the footrest. Sitting with their feet on a footrest improves stability and encourages your child to sit upright without slouching.

    What are the different types of high chairs?

    There are many different types of high chairs for babies. If you’re looking for a seat that makes a style statement, you’ll want a modern high chair. Families planning to expand should consider an adjustable high chair that grows with their child and can be passed down from sibling to sibling.

    How do I clean High Chair Straps?

    For best results, read for any instructions. First, remove the straps from the high chair, wetting it with water and applying a cleaner. Scrub the stains, rinse with warm water and dry thoroughly.


    If you have limited space in your kitchen, consider a high chair for your island. Here are some things to consider before making this decision. First and foremost, will your child use the high chair for meals or snacks?

    If this is the case, make sure the chair’s height is appropriate for them. Second, think about how simple it will be to clean the high chair. Some models include removable tray covers, making cleanup a breeze.

    Others have wipeable surfaces that are just as simple to clean. Finally, consider how frequently you will use the high chair. If it is only used occasionally, a lighter-weight model may be preferable. But a heavier-duty model might be a better choice if you plan on using it daily.