Cold water vs warm water is not an issue of historical debate. Warm water has more health benefits than cold water. Today we will clarify the topic step by step. 

One of the most horrific experiences during the current Corona epidemic is if someone gets a little cold or sneezes. But without corona, it can feel cold to drink cold water. Even if cold water can be avoided for those sensitive to cold water, is hard water harmful to those accustomed to cold water?

The answer is not straight like water but twists like a zigzag road and meets at a point of loss on the long journey. Although it can be mediated with cold water at a young age, it can lead to severe diseases, including dental disease, asthma, low blood pressure, and piles with age. And once you fall ill, there is no benefit in avoiding cold water.

The intense feeling of hunger and thirst is equally cruel to all world species, but other animals can survive by eating food rich in harmful germs. Still, for humanity to be healthy, they must always follow hygiene rules, eat healthy food and drink safe water.

Whether it’s the scorching heat of summer or the exhausted body at the end of the day, the first thing you want to have at hand is a glass of water. For those who have a refrigerator at home, cold water seems to have become an element of their essential needs. Although people used to go to regular water before the invention of the fridge, now, thanks to the contribution of technology, people can no longer go without cold water!

Occasionally thirsty people and doctors are seen standing as walls between cold water. Due to various health problems, they often ban the patient’s drinking of cold water. However, people do not care much about the ban. They are swallowing the medicine for cold and flu with cold water.

Cold Water vs Warm water

According to the National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, an adult male should drink 3.8 liters and a female 2.8 liters, or an average of 8 glasses of water per day. Otherwise, they may suffer from dehydration. Water can cause a variety of complications, and suffering can last a long time.

Drinking cold water from the fridge coagulates the fat molecules in the stomach and reduces the rate of fat breakdown. As a result, digestion is disrupted, and excess fat accumulates in the body, and weight gain occurs. Excess weight causes insomnia, nausea, loss of energy, high blood pressure, etc., and causes inflammation of the bones of the spine, heart disease, diabetes, etc. So to stay healthy, you should not drink cold water from the fridge. 

Cold water is responsible for respiratory diseases

Drinking cold water is a bad habit; many believe that drinking cold water can have long-term adverse effects on the body. In 1986, the world-renowned National Institutes of Health in the USA conducted a small study on just 15 people. According to their research, drinking cold water causes mucus to accumulate in the respiratory tract. Although cold and cough are the initial symptoms, they can also lead to shortness of breath in the long run. Again, the tendency of people to take medicine with cold water, even if it is hard, can cause the blood vessels to constrict.

Cold water causes indigestion and constipation

Cold water has long been claimed to be harmful in ancient Indian Ayurvedic texts, and now the detrimental aspects of drinking cold water are also being highlighted in Western scientific studies. According to Chinese experts, cold water relaxes the body’s digestive process. Taking cold water with food causes body temperature differences and disrupts the digestive process. If digestion is disrupted, gastric juice or hydrochloric acid, which is essential for digestion, is disrupted. This can lead to flatulence, acidity, or indigestion and can lead to constipation in the long run.

Cold water causes heart disease 

According to a study published in the National Journal of Physiology, Pharmacy, and Pharmacology, drinking cold water slows down the heart’s function. It harms the nervous system. Drinking cold water can cause low blood pressure. As a result, weakness, nausea, and dizziness may occur.

Avoid cold water in dental care

Tooth decay is a daily occurrence in the people of this country. Although many germs or heavy solids in water are blamed for this, cold water can also act as a regulator in causing dental disease. As soon as they contact cold water, the shiny coating or enamel on the top of the teeth starts to shrink. As a result, the enamel can crack and slowly erode into the gums.

Avoid cold water to lose weight 

Obesity is a curse. In this age of modernity, everyone wants to keep themselves a slim fit and updated. Everyone wants to be thin or healthy. This desire sometimes becomes so strong that many people resort to helping to shed fat in an unhealthy way. While warm hot, or normal temperature water has many health benefits, some believe that cold water helps shed weight or fat. While much is true, the way is not healthy at all. Our average body temperature is 36-38 ° Celsius. If cold water of 0 ° Celsius can be drunk, the body heats the water in its process by consuming some calories to adapt to the body temperature. Although it claims to lose body fat, a study conducted by the University of Washington has shown that heating ten glasses of cold water costs the body only 60 calories. Thinking of getting rid of obesity by consuming only 60 calories of energy is a bit of a sky-high fantasy!

There is nothing wrong with losing weight and looking attractive in the mirror, but it must be done healthily. The best way to lose weight is through the necessary exercise, yoga, or walking. Healthy diet plans can also be used for this purpose. One thing to always keep in mind when it comes to weight loss, there is nothing to be gained in losing weight fast, but there are more side effects. Any weight loss process must be obese; As if the body can adapt to the weight loss. Otherwise, if he loses weight suddenly, his weight or twice his weight may return to his body. This is why everyone thinks before going to the gym, “If I leave the gym, I will get fat again”!

Because in this, if you suddenly lose weight and quit exercising, obesity returns to the body as before. So even if you plan to stop exercising, you have to reduce it gradually; you can’t give up at all.

Is cold water healthy after exercise?

Usually, after a workout or exercise, the thirsty body wants water, and if you get cold water, then there is no point. He is like a heavenly peace. But gym experts often recommend drinking normal-temperature water or a little warm water after a workout. After exercise, the body temperature rises a lot. Then if you drink cold water, the tired body will not be able to absorb that water suddenly, and an adverse reaction will fall on the alimentary canal. Many times, this can cause severe pain in the abdomen. This process is called the aftershock effect.

According to the advice of experts, some general principles of workout have to be followed. For example, you should not eat any heavy food at least 2 hours before exercise, and you should not do the gym on an empty stomach. It is best to eat light fruits half an hour before exercise and drink water or glucose at an average temperature at the end of the workout. Protein shakes after training is also on the list of many favorites.

Benefits of cold water 

Drinking cold water has its advantages. Drinking cold water through exercise helps keep your body from penetrating and create your fitness session more effective. This is most likely since drinking cold water makes it a lot easier for your body to keep a lower core temperature.

Drinking plain water, whatever the temperature, is demonstrated to present your body with more energy throughout the day.

Benefits of warm water 

Drinking a small amount of lukewarm water every day will increase the body’s metabolic rate, and cause excessive sweating and waste products expelled from the body. 

Blood concentration and circulation rate remain normal

Dehydration increases the concentration of blood. If you drink lukewarm water, the fat particles in the blood can break down quickly and mix with the blood; Thus, dehydration is eliminated, blood concentration and circulation rate remain normal.

Peripheral nerves can be affected due to unwanted injuries, muscle strains, osteoporosis, muscle contractions, bacterial infections, and diabetes. As a result, the normal functioning of the central nervous system (CNS) is disrupted, and pain is felt in different parts of the body, which is more common in cold weather and winter.

The activity of peripheral nerves is regular when you drink lukewarm water. This results in temporary relief from neurogenic pain. Normal safe hot water should be drunk to keep the blood concentration and circulation rate regular and temporary relief from neurogenic pain.

Prevent acne

Why is acne? When our body secretes less sweat, the incidence of this acne increases. Drinking enough lukewarm water also increases the body’s sweating, which helps to flush out wastes and reduce the risk of acne.

Increase hair growth and reduces dandruff 

Drinking light lukewarm water increases blood circulation to the scalp. Oxygenated blood provides essential nutrients to the hair; Thus, the hair follicles become more robust, and the beauty of the hair increases. Drinking safe lukewarm water maintains the water balance in the hair follicles and reduces dandruff accumulation on the scalp. 

Whether the water is hot or cold, it should be 100% safe

In other words, people are slaves of habit. Habits control him throughout his life. For a person accustomed to cold water, abandoning cold water is as difficult a task as conquering Everest, but not impossible at all. Some people give up drinking water in an attempt to force them to give up cold water. It also causes problems like dehydration and dehydration in the body.

So if someone is incapable of letting go of cold water alone, then mixing cold water with hot water is seen as an attempt to let go slowly. This requires intense willpower. And the water you drink must be safe. We all know that diseases increase in winter. This is because cold weather provides a favourable environment for germs to reproduce. So even if you want to drink cold water, it should be done through excellent reverse osmosis filtration. The 0.0001-micron membrane of the reverse osmosis filter does not allow any germs or other harmful TDS to pass through the water. It provides about 99.9% safe drinking water. On the other hand, if the pedestrian traders can somehow manage this filtration, their toxic ice can also become safe.

Final words

Thirst is the hard feeling that defeats all the cruelty in the world. Therefore, to quench the thirst, even if you mix the hot water of the field with the fridge’s water, safety must be maintained. For those who have asthma, tonsillitis, or cold problems, cold water is forbidden under any circumstances. If you can get rid of this cold water with a bit of effort, you will be freed from many unwanted diseases, and health risks will be reduced. And what could be a more incredible blessing in this life than good health?